Crisis Communications

These days, nothing in business is predictable. At any moment, the unthinkable can become reality and you could be facing a crisis that might hurt your business if you’re not prepared.


Media Spokesperson

Whether you are facing a crisis or have an event to publicize, you need a spokesperson to represent your organization who can communicate with reporters and convey the right message at the right time.


Media Relations

Are you interested in priceless credibility at a fraction of the price of an ad campaign? If so, you need to consider incorporating earned media into your marketing mix.


Strategic PR Plans

Enhancing the public perception of your business doesn’t just happen by sending a few press releases and updating your company’s Facebook page.


Media Training

A news reporter calls and wants to interview you for a story. Now what?


Community Relations

A key goal of any successful business should be to align the interest of the community with the company’s long-term business strategies and goals. But how?


Website Development

Your website is the most important marketing tool for your business or organization. Is your online presence user friendly and aesthetically pleasing?


Video Production

A video is a powerful tool. It’s personable, builds credibility, is persuasive and gives a face to your organization’s brand.


Professional Presentations

Giving a powerful presentation is one of the most important skills for any professional. When you give a speech, do you connect with the audience, engage them and deliver a message that inspires them?