Professional Presentations

As a business professional, your job may require you to make public presentations. Do you have difficulty creating content for your speech, find it challenging to sustain eye contact while giving presentations, or become nervous before speaking to a group?

If public speaking plays a role in your professional success, you need a qualified coach who can help make your message memorable and your delivery dynamic. After all, every opportunity to make a presentation is an opportunity to further your business.

Maria Aselage of HearSay Communications is an experienced presentations coach who will:

  • Help you develop and organize your speech so you have a well-defined message.
  • Coach you on how to deliver your speech in a way that will get and keep your audience’s attention.
  • Show you the most effective visual aids for your presentation and how to use them for maximum impact
  • Explain how to tame the butterflies you feel before your presentation so you deliver your speech like a pro
  • Videotape your practice sessions so you can track your progress

Maria is a former award-winning television news anchor and reporter whom business professionals rely on for coaching them on their public speaking skills. As an adjunct professor at The Citadel teaching undergraduate and graduate level business communications, she has trained hundreds of students on the art of giving effective and memorable presentations.

Take your career to the next level by learning and mastering the necessary skills to become a professional public speaker. Let Maria Aselage and HearSay Communications be your personal presentations coach.